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The information below is used for tenders and applications. It gives further details about our company, our experience and performance.


Oceania Travel & Tours Ltd is a locally registered company with head offices in Apia, Independent Samoa. It is an IATA accredited and approved travel agency, carrying ticket stock of all major airlines. We use Air New Zealand's world wide CARINA and Qantas' QUBE reservations systems. The company is a PATA member, a major Inbound & Outbound tour operator and a rental car owner.

It has a subsidiary branch office - Oceania Travel and Tours Inc., incorporated in Pago Pago, American Samoa. This is a fully fledged Travel Agency offering a complete travel service. Beeing agent for all domestic and international airlines, it is mainly bonded to all American Samoa based airlines, namely Hawaiian Airlines, Samoa Air and Polynesian Airlines, holding ticket stock of these three airlines. It is an Inbound and Outbound Tour operator and also a Rental Car owner and operator.
Oceania Travel & Tours' main office is located at HOTEL KITANO TUSITALA. This location was opened early 1998, when Tusitala Hotel appointed us as their In-House Travel and Tours operator. This was in line with our plans to put more focus on the tours side of our operation. Our Tour desk in the Main Lobby is the centre for our tours activities, group and rental car operations. It organises MEET & GREET and Airport/Hotel transfers, and provides general tourist information and assistance. The office is open 7 days a week Mondays to Sundays. Its convenient location and flexible hours makes it undoubtedly an advantage for all our clientele.
Oceania Travel and Tours with offices in American Samoa and Independent Samoa with a tours location at Tusitala Hotel pose an advantage over other agencies. It undoubtedly has more to offer to it's clientele by way of service and a wider choice of airlines, which in turn guarantees the flexibility of choosing the airline which would offer the most benefits at any given time.
Oceania Travel is the only agency in Apia who can handle bookings and ticketing on the American Samoa based HAWAIIAN AIRLINES. It is also the only agency in Apia holding ticket stock of the US based UNITED AIRLINES. This has enabled Oceania Travel to sell and issue tickets in Apia of a wide range of US Domestic fares, United's Worldwide Visit USA Airpass, United's South Pacific and Worldwide Special fares. These low priced and competitive air fares cannot be issued on any other carriers ticket stock.

We have a wide knowledge of Air fare computation, itinerary planning and airline ticketing. We have a thorough understanding of Global indicators and airline schedules essential for accurate itinerary planning. We are experienced and familiar with airline tariffs to effect correct ticketing. With our thorough knowledge of fare construction rules and principles, our IATA accreditation which ensures ticket issuance on all major airlines we guarantee we can secure the lowest airfare combination to suit any travel at any time.

As an IATA member we have access to overseas sponsored travel on any Airline. We can book and issue tickets, render the same service for overseas sponsored travel paid through the airlines in the same manner as if travel was paid direct to us, although in most cases we do not earn commission on these overseas paid-for travels.
We can receive reservations over phone and fax, by e-mail or in person. Reservations and air fare quotations can be confirmed within minutes, so turn around time between reservations and ticket delivery depends largely on urgency and merits of each request. We can hand deliver documents to all accessible locations and will provide a mail service to remote locations.

Every client would be assisted on a person to person basis. Our work is to provide the client with the correct information they need to formulate their preferences within the scope of their entitlements. Every request will be assessed with care and we will advise and help our clients the best way possible. Every piece of information that passes through Oceania Travel is treated with the utmost confidentiality, just as we will not divulge confidential information about our operations unnecessarily.


It has always been our policy to provide a complete travel service. Our Staff are all knowledgable and well informed of governmental requirements of most countries. We have done our best in the past to accommodate every request for assistance and we will continue to offer this help to our clients. Most countries now charge a Visa fee; we charge for expenses incurred, otherwise our services are free.


As long as bookings and tickets were arranged and issued by our office, we can assist the client no matter where they are through access to their itinerary in the computer system. We can effect re-routing, make changes and passengers can relay messages which the airlines would forward to us as long as the original booking, made by us, is still present in the booking system. We can also be reached by Fax and e-mail for any other assistance required.


We are familiar with organising of group travel, from airline bookings, hotel reservations land transportation to immigration formalitiies. We are the official agents for WSamoa Football SoccerAssn., the American Samoa Soccer Assn., the WSamoa Netball Assn. and the Womens Bowling Assn.. We organised travel for the Samoa Netball Team to the WORLD NETBALL CUP in Birmingham and the WOMENS BOWLING CUP in London, England. Every year we take soccer teams from the two Samoas to major tournaments in RAROTONGA, FIJI, AUCKLAND and to the OCEANIA UNDER 12 TOURNAMENT in BRISBANE. We have been official travel agents for these sports organisations for over 10 years and we have every intention of keeping this mutually beneficial relationship.

For Meetings and Conferences, our office at the Hotel Kitano Tusitala can act as a centre providing free service and information as to airline reconfirmations and reservations, free tourist literature and any other general help which may be required.

We can book and confirm hotel reservations both locally and worldwide. Most hotels are available in the reservations system so response is very quick. Another feature of our operation are Holiday Packages. Prices for these packages were specially negotiated with airlines, and hotels to give a price advantage over walk-in door rates.

Participating with us in this programme are Air New Zealand, Polynesian Airlines. Hotels are Outrigger Hotels Hawaii, MARC Resorts Hawaii, The Castle Group Hawaii, Tanoa Hotels Fiji, Pacific Royale Tonga, plus all hotels in the two Samoas.

Apart from our own packages we have access to Air New Zealand's most comprehensive world wide 'HOTPAC ' products. HOTPAC provides competitively priced accommodations, a variety of tours and leisure activities throughout countries covered by Air New Zealand's extensive network.


We at Oceania Travel strive to provide a comprehensive and efficient travel service. We have a competent, responsible and reliable staff who are being trained constantly.

Tai started with Oceania Travel since its inception in Apia in 1987. She was later moved to American Samoa to set up and manage our newly established Agency in 1994. Tai is an experienced and efficient travel consultant. She is familiar with all fares structures and computations. She has participated in many overseas and local workshops particularly airline ticketing courses. Tai is extremely helpful and has a sound knowledge of our total operation.
Tafa assisted Tai in our American Samoa office until last year. She is presently employed by United Airlines, in Seattle USA. We are fortunate for this opportunity for Tafa to gain further experience and exposure.
After leaving NUS in 1991 worked with Samoa Observer as a computer artist. In 1994 he joined Oceania Travel and Tours as a travel consultant. Ryan now heads the tour side of our operations and is responsible as well for all data input and processing.
Leilani joined us in August 1998. She is eager and enthusiastic and has learned well in the short time she has been with us. She is made to work her way through our entire operation. Her training and progress is being monitored closely.
Sulu has been in travel business since 1968 working for various Travel Agencies in Apia, as Union Travel, Beehive, Retzlaffs and briefly with both Air New Zealand and Polynesian Airlines. She had gone overseas on several educational and familiarisation tours. Sulu has been representative on overseas Travel Marketing Conferences and Seminars and has also been posted overseas on secondment basis. She attended all Air New Zealand Ticketing Courses to advance level throughout the years and has full knowledge of airline ticketing and fare computations. For twelve years she was a senior travel consultant for Union Travel, now Forum Travel, Manageress for Retzlaffs Tours and Travel for 5 years until 1987 when she finally ventured out on her own and founded Oceania Travel and Tours.

We are an experienced and efficient team. We believe in and maintain a high quality service for our clients. Product knowledge, experience and personalised service are important factors in mastering this very diverse and competitive field. This is a Family Company upholding the family concept of tight control with personal interest to provide and maintain a helpful and professional service.